Monday, November 21, 2011


I went to Bordeaux this weekend, and had a great time! But first, here are a few little tidbits about my Parisian life.

1. On Friday, I made Lise watch the movie The Witches (a movie I really like) based on the Roald Dahl novel (which I also really like). I'm always happy when we end up watching *good* quality kids movies, rather than what she usually prefers (i.e. movies about golden retriever puppies who talk and play basketball, and things like that). She kept reassuring me throughout the movie that she wasn't scared, but as soon as it was over decided she was actually terrified, which meant that she refused to do anything without me right next to her, including going to the bathroom. For two entire days. So now I know what kind of movies NOT to suggest, errrrrr.

2. I'm getting the occasional back pain, and I know exactly what's causing it: giving too many piggy back rides.

3. I had my appointment today at the OFII office (something something France immigration and integration), which I was ordered to go to in order to finish my visa process. It was the same as when I did it in Bordeaux, so no surprises there. But I DID have to get a chest x-ray, which is my 5th negative TB-related text in two years. I've become used to feeling reassured.

4. The family has a gas stove where there's a little thing that you have to press down on strategically to light the burners. It's taken me two months, but I've finally learned how to do it the right way (instead of doing it wrong, which takes a lot longer).

5. I'm successfully learning how to use the subjunctive past tense, which deserves its own post, but it's great because it feels really good! It's not too hard, but it's complicated enough to make me think back to my early days of French in high school and college and imagine how proud those teachers would be of me if they knew how technical my French knowledge is now. I'm honestly kind of sad that the 10-weeks of French class I payed for is almost up because it's been so great.

I'm going to leave you with this and try to update tomorrow about my sejour in Bordeaux. But first, some chocolate-blueberry cake! Mmm, France.

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