Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Room

So one of the great things about my living space is that I have my own washer & dryer -- and when I say washer & dryer, I mean just that, because it's one machine that does both. You would think that we would have them in the States because they save so much space, but no.

This would be great for pretty much anyone except me, because I don't like to dry 90% of my clothes, and it's been interesting figuring out the correct settings so that I get what I want. First I tried one setting (with the dryer dial turned to a picture of a hanger, which I assumed meant that it knew that I wanted to hang dry my stuff), but no such luck. Also, the stuff was in the machine for literally 2 and a half hours before it finished, and the entire time it was making a loud mashing noise (maybe they mash their clothes clean in France?). Then, the next time (still experimenting with clothes that can be dried if necessary by accident), I followed the instructions book to personalize what I wanted, but my clothes still came out dry. And now I just set it to the "30 minutes max" session (for clothes that aren't that dirty and for when you're in a hurry), but it the machine has definitely been going for more than 30 minutes, and will probably continue for quite a long time. Anne said she doesn't know either and that she can help if I want, but I think I'm just going to try every combination by process of elimination to see what my options are (also, the machine offers one setting that takes 290 minutes. Who needs their clothes to be washed and dried for that long??!).

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