Sunday, September 25, 2011

Week Two

It's a nice feeling to be able to walk into a pharmacy in a foreign country and ask for medicine in that country's language, but it's an especially satisfying feeling to know what brand you want. I'm currently taking Dolirhume for my cold - French cold medicine works way faster than American medicine does, in my experience! I'm not going to lie, I was just waiting to have a cold again so that I could get my hands on this precious, preciousssss box. It's definitely one of the bonuses about being in France (and it's cheap too!).

Today I met up with Lewis, and we had lunch near Place de Clichy, and then we went to Berthillon on Ile Saint Louis, which is pretty much regarded as the best ice cream in Paris (there was a very long line out the door). At first the mint tasted strange, but then I realized that there were real pieces of mint floating around, and then it tasted good. I also had the "cacao extra bitter", which was pretty amazing. Sorry, no pictures, I couldn't fit my camera in my purse. I'll just have to go back!

Also, I should say that Ile St. Louis was super cute and I was very happy to be there. The first time I was in Paris (before I went to Bordeaux), I was doing one of Rick Steve's walking tours around Notre Dame, and I guess because my sense of direction is bad, I never ever found Ile St. Louis and after a lot of frustration just skipped that section in the guidebook entirely. It's weird because it's literally right next to Notre Dame, so I don't know how I missed it last time, it's kind of a mystery to me how I managed to not realize that a whole island full of buildings was right in front of me. Shrug. Well, at least I know it really exists now.

The kids have a lot of board games, including Sequence, but they didn't know how to play so I taught them last night and now it's all Juliette wants to do.

First day of French classes tomorrow!

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  1. i almost had the most amazing apartment on ile st. louis. shoulda coulda woulda. in the end, it was too $$$$ (i guess i should say too FF because that was before the euro). i ended up with an ugly modern apt on rue de vaugirard in the 15e.
    can't wait for some berthillon.
    love your blogs and pixs. love u too.
    tata sl