Saturday, October 29, 2011

Busy Week

Let's see, some highlights of this week:

+ The girls' cousins (ages 4 & 7) were in town, and even though I'm not on duty this week, I've still managed to spend some quality trampoline time with them, which has reminded me how quickly little kids are willing to act like they've been friends with you forever. During our trampoline session, any time when I tried to tell them that I had to leave, I would hear a chorus of "Noooo Amelie nooooooooooo (sad face)". Who can ignore that kind of attention? The little one and I became particularly good friends (I should add that they don't speak English, and trying to understand 4 & 7-year-old French is even harder than understanding normal person French, so this has been interesting). I keep running into the family around Clamart on my way into Paris as they've been coming back from their day in the city, and yesterday I happened to meet them while crossing the middle of a busy intersection, but that didn't stop the 4-year-old from gasping when she realized it was me whom she was seeing, stopping in the middle of the street while putting her arms around my waist as the cars in both directions were about to come at us. She's very cute but I had to extract her arms from around me and then run off so that I wouldn't miss my train and so that neither of us would be killed. They left this morning but hopefully I'll see them again.

+ Both of my au pair friends in Clamart are British, and they each had a British friend visiting Paris for the first time this weekend, so it's been a long few days that have included trying to see all the sights (very tiring). I've been the only American among the five of us, and they seem to like spending their time talking about cider and making fun of the way I pronounce "Halloween".

+I got home last night around midnight to find Anne and Eric and Anne's sister and brother-in-law still chatting around the kitchen table after dinner. They always ask me the same type of questions after I get home that my parents tend to ask me before I leave the house (where did you go, alone or with friends, etc). When Eric found out that I had spent the day with British people, he started lecturing me about how I have to be careful about "UK people" and something about "a lot of wars" and about how when France plays the England in the big rugby match in February I had better be rooting for the French team.

So it's been a good week. Super excited for my Genius Bar appointment tomorrow morning! Fingers crossed that it's an inexpensive diagnoses.

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