Thursday, October 27, 2011

Toussaint Break

Seriously, my Sunday appointment at the Genius Bar cannot come soon enough. I'm on vacation, which means that I don't need to watch the kids because they're on break and they've been spending everyday with their family members who are visiting, but I still can't help but stay at home in order to take advantage of computer time when the family is out and about. Ahhhhhhhh.

The week has been eventful, though! Earlier, I had one of those nice days without an agenda in which Rachael and Mariene and I visited a cute little ribbon and button store at Les Halles, followed by trips to both the American AND British dry goods imports stores (Rachael and I can't help but split bags of candy corn whenever we go), ending with Stella Artois at one of the cafes near St. Michel (we specifically chose one with heating lamps because that was the day it was unbelieveably cold).

The next night, we met up for falafels in the Marais (I've tried three different falafel places so far) and then we went to trivia night at an English pub near the Pantheon. The questions were really hard and our team did really badly (i.e. assuming that the 200+ boxes that travelled on a specific French ship to America in 1885 were filled with camembert, when apparently they were actually filled with pieces of the future Statue of Liberty. Who knew?). But I did know who the title character in Crime and Punishment was, and that Charles I was the only English king to be beheaded, and that "Helter Skelter" inspired Charles Manson, so yeah!

Mariene and I went back to the vintage shops in the Marais, and this time I found a really nice black blazer from Zara ($$) that fits me perfectly for 1 euro, so that was really awesome. And last night, I met up with Rachael and her friend Haley who also went to the University of Georgia, and sat on the steps near (at?) Trocadero and watched the Eiffel Tower light up, while we took turns asking outloud if we were really living here. So that was nice.

Pictures when I have access to my computer again.

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