Monday, October 24, 2011

A Nice Break From H&M

(For the record, I still love the clothing store H&M).

Today, Mariene took me to a bunch of vintage stores in the Marais. Two in particular were good (most things that were interesting to me were only 5 or 10 euros). They were like American Way (our beloved thrift store in Burbank) in the sense that there was a LOT of stuff, good mixed in with crappy, BUT the difference was that there was wayyy too much stuff and wayyyy too many people for the tiny amount of available space. So it was hard to try anything on, but we're planning on going back tomorrow. Hopefully it will be less crowded!

I'm off of work this week. Things to look forward to: Chartres, Pere Lachaise on Halloween, and hopefully some pumpkin-flavored baked things (we Americans are horrified at the lack of this stuff, so we're going to have to make our own).

Also, Season Two of The Wire is so good! I'm 8 episodes through so far.

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