Thursday, December 22, 2011

Almost Home!

I did the math today, based on what's going on in the upcoming months, and it appears that my stay in France is almost (unfortunately) over. Here's how I figure it:

December: Today's the 22nd, so it's basically over.

January: My birthday! (even though I'll end up working 8-8 that day, I'm sure) and then on the 20th to the 22nd I'll be visiting my friend Maddie in Edinburgh.

February: My friend Jordan (who's an English language assistant in Lyon) will be coming to visit, in the beginning of the month. Then, from the 22nd to the 29th I'll be in Athens with my friend Sarah, so that takes care of the rest of February.

March: Hopefully I'll end up in Lyon (it's taken me long enough! Jordan was there last time when I was in Bordeaux and I didn't get to visit her then, so I'm dying to see her this time!). And sometime during March it's "Macaron Day"...where apparently you can visit any Pierre Herme macaron boutique and pick up loads of free macarons...Lewis and I have already started discussing the best possibly route for reaching each of the six boutiques in the most efficient way. Plus, my sorority sister Liz will be here at the end of the month, and then the day she leaves, it's possible that my other sorority sister Allison might be arriving!

April: Nothing officially planned yet, but possibly Nice with the kids.

And then that just leaves May, June and July, and by that point, I'll be scrambling around trying to enjoy Paris to the fullest in nice weather, which means tht time will be passing even faster than usual, and then BAM I'll be home.

Ahhhhh, must make To Do lists or else I'll be home before I know it!


  1. Plan to see us in April. When is Nice?

  2. I love it that you've got about 7 months left in Paris, and you're talking about it being almost over. You are so my niece.