Thursday, December 1, 2011


Happy December from Paris! This is a post about food.

On Saturday, Mariene and Rachael and Haley and I ended up having "Thanksgiving" dinner at Rachael's apartment, because she lives right of the Champs Elysees and is the only one among us who has access to her own kitchen. The night was a success!

Mariene and I contributed sweet potatoes, which I peeled and Mariene finished peeling and then cut and seasoned. Our original plans was to make them like french fries, and while they ended up being less fried than we had envisioned, they still tasted delicious. Rachael made a really good pumpkin spice cake with ingredients from the American import store in The Marais (which happens to be called Thanksgiving). The au pair who lived with my family before me had left a box of instant stuffing (which I assume she had also purchased at that store), so voila! I had a perfect excuse to use my microwave skills. Our main course was Haley's hamburger helper, which also tasted really excellent. Yay for glamorous traditional dinners! I definitely would have contributed more if I had my own kitchen. Oh, and the traditional pre-Thanksgiving jello shots invented by the pilgirms that Haley made and transported on the subway all the way from St. Germain were also excellent.

Then on Tuesday, my friend Sarah and I really wanted Moules Frites, so we took a German friend and an Austrian friend with us to a nice looking lunch place near the Pantheon, and I think we got a really good deal for 12 euros, especially because the place was nice and indoors.

Moules Frites! I forgot to take a picture of the salad with lardons before I gobbled it up, but that was good too. 

Warm Tartelette Aux of my life possibly?

Also, here's a recipe that I did not invent, but that I eat often because my favorite bakery on Rue de Babylone on my way to school has them, and I can't resist.


1. One Baguette, cut like a sandwich.
2. Sliced French goat cheese (for the most accurate replication of the sandwich, you might want to look for something with a rind like brie or camembert, but American goat cheese will taste good too even if it changes the overall taste.
3. HONEY, mmmm.
4. A small amount of spinach leaves.

It's, like, too good. Honey makes everything better! Again, I meant to take a picture today but I forgot about that until it was all gone.

I've been collecting baking ingredients and doing lots of cup-to-gram conversions, and I have big plans to make cookies on Friday and then bake cupcakes with Lise on Saturday. I'm really excited, but I warned Anne that as soon as I start baking I won't be able to stop! The family isn't a big fan of peanut butter, but I'm hoping that my Martha Stewart peanut butter cookie recipe will convert them, especially since Mariene and I discovered that the new Marks & Spencer's on the Champs Elysee sells peanut butter for less than two Euros!! (peanut butter is really hard to find here. French people apparently find it really odd!).

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