Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Vacation

I was prepping myself for a, erm, tiring day yesterday, because the kids didn't have school OR any of their normal activities like the pool or dance to break up the day (for me). But it actually ended up being one of the most enjoyable days I've had with them since arriving!

First, I was able to sleep until 9 because Anne was still here, so that was already a step in the right direction. Then Lise and I snuggled under my blanket and watched The Hunchback of Notre Dame (yay, a good Disney movie versus one about talking astronaut golden retrievers!). While we snuggled, Juliette, who's normally way too cool to cuddle with us, climbed under my blanket and three of us watched together, so that was already really nice. Then it was Juliet's turn to pick a movie, and we ended up watching Marley & Me (yay! a live-action movie with Owen Wilson!), so that was nice, even though I cried (although, I cried at the end of Hunchback too, so maybe that's not actually worth noting).

Then, after late lunches, Juliet and I baked chocolate chip cookies, because I've discovered that baking is the one thing that she and I genuinely bond over (I guess during baking she chooses to ignore the fact that I'm uncool for not wearing Abercrombie and not being in love with Justin Beiber). We had a really good time, and the cookies turned out delicious! We ended up cutting up pieces of Crunch Bars because chocolate chips are not as ubiquitous in French supermarkets as they are at home.

We even took some pictures to show how much fun we were having (these are just the highlights. I'm pretty sure Juliet took about 60 pictures of us over 2 hours, in addition to all of the videos we filmed of her singing Adele songs while baking).

At one point after some of the cookies were already out of the oven and on the plate and being eaten by Thomas (who usually doesn't express his opinion except if it's a negative one), Juliette pulled me into the kitchen, beaming, and told me that she had heard Thomas tell one of his friends over his gaming headset that we had baked "really good cookies", so that made an already good day a triumph!

New Year's Resolutions: Blog more and eat less.

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