Sunday, December 11, 2011

Parents in Paris!

I am tooo exhausted to write a detailed entry right now because I've been on my feet for 16 hours straight (and "on your feet" in Paris is extra exhausting!), but I'm having a great time with my parents, aunt and uncle and cousin. Today was their first full day (and my parents' first day in France ever), and I'm proud to say that we got a lot done!

1. Saint Chappelle
2. The Conciergerie
3. Coffee in a cafe (obviously, we're in Paris, duh)
4. Notre Dame
5. Paninis on the street (and Amelia favorite)
6. Jardin du Luxumbourg
7. Shakespeare  & Co.
8. Nutella Crepes on the street (another Amelia favorite)
9. The Cluny Museum
10. The Eiffel Tower all lit-up at night.

We've got lots more on the agenda, including Pere LaChaise and Canal St. Martin tomorrow!

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