Monday, July 2, 2012

10 Days!

Today was strange because it was Sarah and Rachael's last day in Paris since they leave tomorrow morning. The three of us and Mariene met in the morning for coffee and to help Sarah move out of her apartment (she and Rachael have the same flight tomorrow so she's staying over there tonight). It was kind of a struggle (three very heavy suitcases and other miscellany down 6 floors from near the Eiffel tower on a bus that took us to the Arc de Triomphe where Rachael lives, and then through the lobby's multiple doors and up two flights of stairs). And of course when we got there, instead of finding an empty apartment as she had left it (Rachael has a complicated situation where she pays discounted rent to live in a large apartment owned by the family she babysits for), there was entire mystery family running around who she didn't even know -- her own host family obviously didn't bother to tell Rachael that she'd have guests (i.e. and that Sarah wouldn't have a bed). Annoying.

Anyway, it was kind of upsetting that they were leaving, obviously. But before we parted we all walked to Marks & Spencer together one last time and bought English food. I'm not as sad as I could be because I know we'll see each other sooner rather than later. I'm not worried about that. It's amazing how fast ten months went buy because I can remember the first time I met each of them perfectly.

Tonight at home wasn't great either because Lise was being Very Difficult. I let her stay up until 10PM, which is super late, and even then I couldn't for the life of me get her to go to bed. After one struggle, we ended up in a different part of the house, wrestling on the stairs. I'm sure we looked ridiculous...there were arms and legs flying everwhere, and I couldn't just pick her up because we were on the windy stairs and if I fell I was going to drop her and I didn't want to. And while our arms and legs were flying everywhere as she tried to slide down the stairs and I tried to push her back up, she managed to keep her eyes shut the whole time while "sleeping" with her head on the pillow from the couch that she had held on to as I initially dragged her from the living room. But it was great because she knew she was supposed to be in bed, and at one point in this struggle, by some miracle the front door opened by itself, but of course Lise thought it was Anne coming home so she instantly let go of the railing and was upstairs in her bed before I knew what has happening. Yesssss.

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