Sunday, July 1, 2012


I would probably be writing more but it's 12:44AM and I need to get up in 6 hours. Anyway, it was a really nice day. I slept in and didn't do anything until 4PM except laundry and two naps and two chai tea lattes using the Trader Joe's powder mix that Sarah gave me because she leaves on Tuesday and couldn't finish it.  DOING NOTHING FELT AMAZING.

Then I met up with Sarah on Rue de Rivoli (in Zara! Sales!) and then she and Rachael and I had a nice dinner in the Latin Quarter. It was good.

Then Rachael and I walked towards the Eiffel Tower and took a bunch of photos because it was still light out at 10:30PM. When I got back on the metro to go home, everyone was going crazy because Spain had just won the Euro Cup (soccer). Apparently French people are allowed to root for other European countries sometimes.

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