Friday, July 6, 2012

Last Day of Work!

I had a really perfect last day of real "work" today, especially because things hadn't been as picture perfect as I wanted them to be lately. I picked Lise up from gymnastics at 4, and we decided to buy some candy to celebrate her last day of gym. We walked home with it and played the game where we each choose a candy for the other and they have to guess what flavor it is....much better than our recent walks to gym, where she's walked in complete silence the entire 15 minutes. Then when we came home, instead of running to The Disney Channel, she wanted to finish watching the movie we had started on YouTube yesterday (Barbie's Christmas Carol), which I was happy about because it was in English. We were watching it in my room and having fun and she was being cuddly, and only when the movie was over did I remember that this morning Anne had told me that she found LICE EGGS in Lise's hair...I jumped up and grabbed the pillows that Lise was leaning on, and of course the one time I do NOT want to cuddle or want her anywhere near by bed, she proceeded to rub her head all over it. Oh well. If I come back with lice, you all will know why.

Then, because Juliette had gone on a massive shopping spree at Hollister today with her friends, we had a lengthy fashion show, in which Juliette tried on about a million different combinations of things for us, and Lise and I held up score cards after each with our own rating (Most of Lise's were 19 or 20 out of 20...I was a little pickier). And then Anne and Eric got home around 9, and we had Italian food together (mmmm, my last salmon pasta!).

Also, today was super fun because my friend Robert and his friend Pat are in town, and we climbed the bell towers of Notre Dame! It was great, I highly recommend it, even if you have to wait in line for an hour and half like we did.


Great close up views.

That's the Pantheon sticking out on top. And in the right corner just above the little park is the tiny church St. Julian-le-Pauvre in the Latin Quarter, which I think Aunt Sarah said she liked (correct me if I'm wrong). 

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