Saturday, July 7, 2012

Last Saturday in Paris

...Now THAT I really can't believe. I am officially freaking out about the short amount of days I have left here before Friday morning, when I fly home.

But today was a really good day, and a perfect way to spend my last Saturday here. In the morning, I met up with my friend Charlotte, who's an AEPhi from Stanford, and we got coffee and pastries at this place near the Pantheon that I had walked by once a few weeks ago. It was ridiculously inexpensive and ridiculously good. I'm still kind of suspicious. Of COURSE I should discover it right before I head home, grrrr.

Then we met up with Robert and Pat and headed towards Montmartre so that they could see Sacre Coeur before they head off to Nice tomorrow. Montmartre was fun, and we were having a good time taking the stairs down from the Basilica, when it started POURING rain like never before. We decided to keep on walking towards the metro, but apparently we were the only ones, because literally everyone else was standing still, hudding under any cover they could find. There was one street in particular where we had to walk in the street instead of on the sidewalks because the water was coming down so hard from the awnings, and everyone was just staring at as making a mad dash for the metro because we were seriously the only ones not taking shelter in a souvenir store. Even with our umbrellas and hoods, we were all still soaking wet, as if we had been in a pool with all our clothes on. I had the good fortune to be wearing my Converse today for the only time in 10 months (on account of my blisters), but I felt bad for everyone else who expected today to be a normal, nice July day. I really didn't think I still needed my trench coat at this time of the year!

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