Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I stayed home today because Lise is in school but Juliette and Thomas aren't, so even though I can go out if I want to, I like to be here to make lunches most of the time so that they don't think I don't want to be here.

I've been wearing ballet flats the whole time I've been here (except for in rainy and cold weather), but the soles are so thin that the other day I got really fed up and decided to wear my new platform wedges in the city because they were sturdier. I don't regret it -- the shoes themselves were comfortable and I love being taller. And it's a good thing that I like them, because I'm pretty sure that stores don't let you return merchandise with bloodstains on the inside. There are two chunks of skin missing from one of my feet. I'm hoping that doesn't end up being as bad as it sounds.

I keep reading about exhibits I want to go to and I don't want to spend my last four days here packing, so I am literally all packed up as much as I can considering I'm still here for 10 days. But I keep getting antsy, so every day since I started to consider myself all packed up, I've managed to find at least one thing still laying out that I can put in my suitcase. I knew the end was near when I packed up my favorite red flowered scarf -- I'm probably wearing it in 75% of the photos on Facebook, and folding it up and putting it in my suitcase was when it really hit me than I'm leaving. Sarah and Rachael are now mid-air as I type this, which also makes everything for me seem very final.

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