Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Things I'll Miss Part II, & Things I'm Looking Forward To

*Living in a city with a lot of people, because some of them are bound to be interesting. Today, for example, I was walking down Rue Daguerre (a cute street near Montparnasse) and there was an older man sitting outside a cafe with a pigeon in a cage on his table. And it wasn't even a normal, plastic animal carrier, it was a nice cage with a wicker bottom and a wire top. It made him look kind of crazy, having a pet pigeon, but it least it was a clean looking one. I came out of a bookstore 15 minutes later, and now the man (and his pigeon) were sitting at another cafe closer to me. I wanted a photo of them, but I don't like getting up close to people and taking a picture when it's obvious that I'm taking a picture of them without asking, so I thought about actually asking him if I could take a photo "because it was a jolie pigeon", but then I decided he might thing I was being condescending. So I just didn't take a picture at all, but it's a good memory of an interesting person, nonetheless.

*ESPRESSO EVERYWHERE. Some of you might know that last time I was in France I didn't like espresso and thought the French were behind the times for drinking it and not filtered coffee (I definitely introduced myself on the first day of my language class here as someone who didn't like it), but I've come to appreciate it. When it's coldish and rainy (as it was today on & off) nothing smells better than the espresso brewing inside of EVERY establishment in Paris. Mmmm. Must drink more when I get home.

*Monacos! They're like Shirley Temples, only better because in addition to the grenadine and Sprite, they also have beer. Apparently they are popular with French teenagers (and, I've found, with people who don't like beer).

And on the other hand, there are lots of things I'm really looking forward to when I get home, like:

*Real half & half, WOO HOO. There is nothing fun about waking up in the morning and having to mix your own.

*Target: What? A store that sells everything? WHAT A CONCEPT, FRANCE.

*My closet: For the past while, I haven't been able to sit still because I've been SO EXCITED to get home and A) Give away probably everything that's currently hanging there, B) Wear the pieces that I left behind that I didn't think about for 10 months but am now super excited about now that I remember they exist, and C) Hang up my new French wardrobe, yesss!

*CATS. One of whom won't wait until I'm wearing dark clothes to come over and sit on me while leaving white hair everywhere (the other one, however, will, but it's going to happen half as much at home as it did here, which will be nice).

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