Thursday, July 12, 2012

Last Day in Paris

Hi all! I can't believe that it's time to say goodbye to this city. Today's been a nice last day though, so far. I met up with Lewis at the Hotel de Ville and we walked around for a while and found the Tour Jean Sans Peur, which is a medieval tower I had been wanting to see for a while. Then we said our goodbyes (for now) and I met up with Mariene and our friends Emma (American & an AEPhi) and Lili (German) and we had a picnic in the Cemetery Montparnasse until the guard told us that it "wasn't possible" --sometimes translations are so funny. I wanted to say that actually YES, it is possibly since you can see that our picnic is currently happening as we speak, but she was trying to be nice about kicking us off the grass and even gave us a map of the cemetery, so it was fine. Mariene and I got to ride the metro together for a little but eventually we had to say our goodbyes too, which was sad, but I'm already planning the itinerary for her first tour of America in the coming future, so it will be fine.

Then I headed over to Hugo & Victor to buy some macarons to take home -- Laduree has prettier boxes but a Hugo & Victor box is more worth it to me because Sarah and I used to go after class sometimes and I LOVE their cassis macarons.

Now I'm home and doing every last bit of packing (and a little cleaning too, but not that much!). I'm planning on meeting Emma later for a last crepe and a last walk through the city, and then tomorrow I fly out!


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