Thursday, July 5, 2012


Today was very hot. I stayed home for most of the day because I have a shorter free day than usual since Lise is at gymnastics rather than school, but I did run into Paris for an hour to grab some ballet flats -- I was trying to avoid buying new ones before I left, but my two pairs here are so worn thin that I didn't want to risk stepping on glass and spending my last week in Paris with a bandage on my foot.

Tonight made me feel better because the girls were being cuddly again. Thank God I decided to stay up with them and watch Master Chef Junior as they curled up on either side of me/on me, or else otherwise I would have gone to bed assuming that they were totally over me. And I wasn't going to bake again since it's so hot, but Thomas actually asked me to make my chocolate chip cookies again before I leave, and since that's probably the biggest compliment I'll ever get from him, I definitely couldn't NOT make those cookies.

Lately I've been documenting little things I see all the time, since those things are are important to my 10 months in Paris as are the photo of specific things I want to remember:

It's weird that now I can pretty much say "See you in a week!" to my friends back home...and mean it!

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