Friday, February 10, 2012

Adventures in Buying French Train Tickets

I bought a 12-25 discount card for SNCF, so I'm trying to focus on traveling around France more often that I have been. When I was in Bordeaux two years ago, I'm pretty sure that buying a ticket for the 3.5-hour ride to Paris was around only 22 euros if you bought it more than a month in advance.

So it's annoying that it's February right now,  and buying a ticket to go to Lyon for MAY (a mere 2 hours away!) is costing me more than 60 euros round trip, and that's only because I specifically chose the cheapest tickets I could find. My friend Carmen was recently able to find some promo prices for a bunch of her tickets, so when I went to buy my Lyon tickets, I asked the SNCF guy how to find the promo prices online. To which he replied, "Well, you have to buy your tickets in advance". FEBRUARY TO MAY??? What more to they want??


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