Wednesday, February 22, 2012


We made it! Sarah and I are in our apartment in Piraeus, with a charming view of the marina. Athens is just a metro ride away, which we'll be trying out tomorrow. We got in today and couldn't do anything except sleep all day. It was kind of a stressful day from when we left my house to when we arrived here, plus it was raining, so I regret nothing. After landing at the airport, we took a bus for an hour, and then a short taxi ride to the place we're staying. The woman who owns the apartment, Maria, warned us that it was possible we'd be overcharged, so we were kind of nervous about that. The other thing that made me nervous was showing the paper with the address on it to three different taxi drivers, none of whom knew where it was, until we finally found someone who spoke English and who understood what the address meant. He ended up being very nice, and he even told us how to make sure we didn't get ripped off by taxi drivers.

The apartment situation is interesting. On one hand, it's nice to be in a real place where we have a living room, a real bathroom, a refrigerator, etc (we bought some groceries today for breakfast and snacks). But it's also kind of weird because Maria's stuff is everywhere -- as in, the only reason we even have a drawer in the bedroom to put our things in is because she cleared one out when she showed up. And her food is in the refrigerator and there are dishes in the sink. She works here during the day because this is where her office is, but apparently "during the day" actually means "until 9 at night". But she's really nice and has been extremely helpful about helping us figure out our sightseeing options and transportation, so that's good at least.

For dinner, Sarah and I found a place where we could sit and have gyros for only 2.20 each! That's less than the espresso we had earlier in the day.

Also, I've been able to ready a bunch of signs because of having to memorize the uppercase Greek alphabet when I was in the sorority. Totally an unexpected benefit!

I'll post pictures when I have some :)

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