Friday, February 24, 2012

Greece Day 2: Aegina!

This morning Sarah and I hopped on a large slow boat which took us an hour away to Aegina, one of the islands closeish to Piraeus.

Basically, the weather was beautiful and warm, and we walked around all day, taking advantage of how ridiculously beautiful the water was, and how ridiculously cheap it was to eat.

Me on our boat!

Picturesque little church on the dock. 

The port at Aegina!

The water was ridiculous.


So. Many. Cats. 



The "frappe" that our taxi driver told us to try. They're cold and very strong, mmm. 

We had a lovely day, a lot of which was spent lounging around near the water and reading, simply because we could. Also, the souvlaki I had (like a gyro sandwich) was only 1.80. So cheap! I guess I'm so used to Parisian prices that everything else seems silly in comparison.

Tomorrow we'll be taking a bus to visit Naphlion! 

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  1. I think I've seen books devoted entirely to photographs of cats of the Greek Isles.