Tuesday, February 7, 2012


You know those times when you have so much on your mind, that you can't fully concentrate on any one of those things? That's definitely how I feel this week.

I have my SF State Application to finalize and send in because it's due next week, as well as having to complete one (but possibly two!) FAFSAs this week as well with my dad over skype. I'm also having house guests. My friend Carmen will be back tomorrow because she's going to be taking the Foreign Service Officers' Exam in the city on Thursday, and then my friend Jordan (who is currently living in Lyon) will be here this upcoming weekend. I'm having lunch with a French friend who I haven't seen since before I studied in Bordeaux this Thursday, AND I still have my Cal State LA Application occupying a space in my brain because that one isn't done yet either.

Also, I've been doing research on my upcoming week in Greece, AND I've also been strategizing how to save as much cash as possible for that trip, which takes brain power because while I've been putting aside more than 20% of my income each and every week, and I'm still a little panicked.

AND of course I've been working, which takes brain power too because I like to try and think ahead about what games we can play/things we can bake ahead of time, because I feel better having a plan.

Ahhhhhh. All of these are positive things. I just really need to be able to cross something (anything!) off of my mental list, and that won't be happening for some time. Also, it's cold.

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