Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Sopranos

Not having the internet over the past few days means that I've plowed through The Sopranos, up to the middle of Season 3. That Ralphie is trouble. Can someone tell me what actor plays him? The problem with watching HBO shows is that you can't let yourself look at IMDB until you've seen all the seasons...because  a large portion of the main characters WILL die on any given show, and I hate being spoiled.

I'm still sick, but all it is now is a cough that keeps me up at night, and hunger that won't go away no matter how much I eat! I had two breakfasts this morning and then lunch an hour later, ahhhh. I have to get better before I leave for Greece.

Everyone keeps asking me if I'm still going, but I've been checking the State Dept. website religiously (well, whenever I can get online), and until they tell me not to go, I'm definitely still going. If the discount airline wouldn't refund my ticket for a natural disaster last time, they're definitely not going to refund it for a little potential violence! But I'm at least signing up online with the State Dept so that they know I'm in Greece next week, if they need to find me or anything, don't worry.

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