Saturday, February 4, 2012


Today was a little better, weather-wise, and I even switched from my heavy coat to my trench coat for the second half of the day. But I still have open wounds on my hands from the dryness that no amount of lotion seems to fix.

Carmen and I ended up at the Paris Cinematheque museum, which was really cool, even if there's no photography allowed. The had costumes from a few movies and the mother's face from Psycho, and a lot a lot of olllld camera-type things. It's a small museum, but worth it. They also show older movies on the big screen ever single week for only 5 euros, so I'm hoping to get to one at some point. Right now they're playing what I think is every single Speilberg movie ever, but none of them work out with my schedule!

Also, we couldn't go in because the tea room wasn't open yet (i.e. the room you sit in if you're too cheap to eat and only want to pay for coffee, like me and Carmen), but we also stopped by La Procope, which is in St. Germain and is the oldest restaurant in Paris (founded in the 1600s). THEY HAVE NAPOLEON'S HAT.

 Since we couldn't get coffee there yet, we walked around St. Germain and got coffee under the heating lamps at a nearby stereotypically charming little cafe instead :) Success!

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  1. I went to the Cinematique many many years ago! It was great! I can't remember the name of the guy who started the museum, but he was important in French film history.