Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Remind Me Why I Live Here Again?

This is the forecast for this week. Errrrrrr.

It's exceptionally cold today. But it means that the kids are being better behaved and nicer for some reason. I'm at the library typing this as Lise is at her Wednesday badminton/ping pong activity. Usually on Wednesday when we have this and also dance earlier in the day, Lise likes to take her scooter and then taunt me for not behing able to walk faster (thank you Lise but I still adamantly refuse to ride one of the other available scooters over the uneven pavement in Clamart that you guys call "sidewalks"). But today because scootering would have made her even colder, she voluntarily decided to walk to both activities and hold hands with me the entire way without complaining about the distance. Yesss. And this morning, she opted to play barbies with me instead because apparently she "watches too much TV". Did Hell freeze over? Actually, with our below freezing temperatures this week, that's very possible.

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