Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Still No Internet/TV/Landline

On normal days, even when we have access to these forms of entertainment, we don't spend all day using them, because we tend to play a lot of barbies, have a lot of dollhouse time, etc. And we definitely spend a large portion of our days pretending to be a zookeeper and a baby animal (usually a she was a dalmation puppy though).

Anyway, not having access to the internet/phone/TV meant that the kids were SUPER depressed, which I thought was funny because on any other day they wouldn't have actually needed them to be happy. Lise has this Nintendo game called Nintendogs (I think Linus has it, actually), but it only works on her friend Clara's DS because she has a different kind. Lise couldn't call Clara today to invite her over (more like, to ask Clara to bring her DS over), so apparently today was the "worst day of her life". Or something to that effect.

According to her, Clara is the luckiest girl in the world. Pooooor Lise ;)

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