Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Wednesdays are hard sometimes because I have Lise all day (no school!), and I have the other two after 12PM (they don't really need me except for lunch, but if they're both home for too long together that means that I do have to deal with the violent fights that arise over who gets to use the computer). 

Anyway, yesterday wasn't so bad because Lise finally acknowledged (two or three times!) that sometimes I have good ideas. We've been playing this game on the Wii consul called Gallop and Ride, in which you have a ranch and you have to take care of horses, train foals, book in guests, buy more property, and it's reallllly hard so it's been at a standstill for 5 MONTHS. As in, Lise and I haven't made really any progress at all in that time, and everytime we play, she ends up SCREAMING at the fake horses for being hard to train and throwing the Wii controllers in anger (no joke, it's like she forgets that it's just a game).

ANWAY, on Monday I suggested that if we sell one of her two horses, then we could get the money to buy the horse therapy center. She was hesitant at first, but she decided to follow my suggestions, and two days later, we now have FIVE horses, a guest house, extra stables, a breeding center and are rolling in virtual Wii money. So I guess I'm not so useless after all. 

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