Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cemetery Montparnasse

Sometimes I'm amazed at the "American" things I end up taking part in here with the kids that I never would actually be doing at home (i.e. having a High School Musical marathon in which I went from having watched 0 of the films to having watched all three of them in a week, singing Justin Bieber songs, etc). Today was no exception, as after dinner Juliette and I watched the St. Louis vs. Michigan State basketball game on ESPN America. Juliette kept calling it "Sahn Loo-ee", which I found adorable.

Anyway, today it was gloomy and rainy, and I finally made it to the Cemetery Montparnasse!

(please note dog)

(I really think this is the perfect font for a tomb)

(Paris has lovely tombstones and ugly modern buildings)

And then I came home and ate a lot of baklava!!

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