Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Today was a nice day. Lindsay came back to hang out with the girls while she's still in town, and it was really nice to have company. Especially since she told me about all of things that she did as their au pair that annoyed them -- which happen to be the exact same things that I do to annoy the girls, and which they always compare me to Lindsay about ("Lindsay wouldn't have said no!", etc). So that was very satisfying!

Usually Wednesdays are hard because it's up to me to make the three kids' ever changing schedules fit in together like puzzle pieces, but today was nice and calm and everyone got along. Lise slept over an hour later than usual (less work for me), and didn't disagree when I told her that at one point we had to get dressed because her pajamas were falling down on the trampoline, and that it was too cold to jump outside whilst naked. All of us girls, including Juliette's friend, managed to time out lunch so that we could all eat at the table together before I took Lise to dance, and she changed into her dance clothes extra early and without our normal fight about it, and she did her homework extremely early, and she washed her hair without a question, and she voluntarily wanted to brush her teeth before dinner (the usual circumstances being that she never wants to brush her teeth at all), and she actually wanted to put on her robe, and she agreed that it was a good idea to put on her slippers, etc. So it was a very nice day.

In disappointing news, after spending a ridiculous amount of time and energy working towards things that would allow me to apply for San Francisco State's credential program, they finally told me that since I can't take the CSET test before the semester starts in August (since I am out of zee country), that I am not eligible for admission for this upcoming year. I'm upset because 90% of the energy I spent applying to all of my credential programs in total went to SF, so I find this annoying. I'm pretty sure that I spoke to someone in the office who told me that I would be able to take the test after I started the semester, but I could be imagining that, or even if I wrote down her name, I wrote it down on a piece of paper 6 months ago which is 10,000 miles away and which I don't know the location of anymore, so that sucks. I can't say that the in-classroom tutoring hours I racked up solely so that I would be able to apply to SF are worthless (quite the contrary, they confirmed to me that I want to be in a classroom, and I really enjoyed the experience and formed from great relationships with my master teachers), BUT I'm still annoyed, and sad because SF would have been really great. At least I guess that's one less decision I have to make about my whereabouts next year....

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