Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Wednesdays, when Lise doesn't have school and Thomas and Juliette only have half-days, aren't usually what I would call fun, but sometimes at least the kids are pretty well behaved. Yesterday went by surprisingly quickly. Even though Juliette's friends were outside playing with the hose and on the trampoline, Lise marched right inside and did her homework before she played with them, which is a big deal. Also, after her shower (which was especially necessary because now she has three sports activities on Wednesday for a total of 4.75 hours, including all of the walking in between and back and worth), we practiced making our monster faces in the mirror. Lise's teeth are still growing in, making for some interesting results. I helped her perfect a smile with one tooth sticking out of her mouth to the side and her eyes crossed....I hope she doesn't take our lesson too much to heart, or else the family is going to have a very interesting Christmas card next year.

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