Friday, March 30, 2012

Moules Frites favorite meal, mmm. Last night I tried a restaurant called Leon of Brussels for the first time with Allison, Nathalie and Sarah, and it was good! The mussels were delicious, and we definitely took advantage of their offer of unlimited fries.

When we were being seated, a waiter asked us if we were from New York, so I did the normal combination of pointing that is usually done in these situations, "New York, Boston, Los Angeles, near Los Angeles". Then he asked us (in French) if any of us were from Day-Twah, and we talked about how none of us were from Detroit for a while, and I asked him why the interest in this particular city. He called over another waiter for English translation helped, and we finally learned that he had watched a news story about Detroit (guns, violence, etc), and he was apparently fascinated by it.

Earlier in the day, we had packed lunches and picnicked in Luxembourg (brie and salami sandwich, mmm), and of course I had to pick this up along the way:

 At dinner last night (after I suggested crepes when we were done), Nathalie said she was concerned for me because she was worried that I had a tape worm or something on account of how I'm the one who is always suggesting that we eat really fattening food followed by extra fattening desserts, while only gaining a fraction of the weight that I should be gaining with as much as I eat. It's actually not a bad compliment when you think about it, and I am choosing to be flattered. 

Delicious. Today Allison and I are on our way to drink tea at the mosque, followed by ice cream at Berthillon! :) 

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