Sunday, March 4, 2012


Today was a nice day. Lindsay, the family's former au pair, came by today to surprise the girls since she's visiting France for the week. It was really nice to finally meet her, especially since talking to her is what made me decide to take this job in the first place (every nice thing she said was definitely true).

We all had lunch together, but before we had lunch, I had a lot of champagne forced upon me (a lot. More than I would ever usually drink). I kept saying no, but according to Eric, I had to drink a lot because "eet eez sunday and zere eez a rugby match!". Then, while I was still working on my champagne, we sat down to eat and the wine came out. Eric had gotten some rose, because that's what Lindsay likes, and some red for me, which I thought was really nice of him. Before long, my plate was surrounded by the champagne flute that I was still working on, my second glass of red wine, and a glass of water because I'm a super lightweight, so water is always a good thing. Eric's really funny, and I think he thinks that I can drink more than I actually should. There was a night a few weeks ago where I had eaten an early dinner at Mariene's (accompagnied by a lot of wine), and when I came home the family and some friends were just sitting down to dinner. I said my hellos and explained that I had already eaten and had had wine to drink and was about to leave and let them eat, and Eric goes, "Ah, but I know what you want!", and poured a glass of more wine before I could stop him. I'm hoping that all of this means that my tolerance will have improved greatly by the time I've left Chez Courteille.

Everyone was in a good mood at lunch, and was therefore being very silly (though, I know the wine helped, not that the kids drink it). Lise and Juliette put on music and were dancing while we ate, and at one point, Lise left and came back to the table in costume (aviator sunglasses and a silly blue glittery plastic party hat), in addition to a lei which she draped around Linsday and a purple feather boa which she wrapped around me. In addition to all of the dancing, at one point she also ended up going the splits on the kitchen counter. The kids also spent much of the meal telling Eric not to sing along with the music, and he was upset because apparently "Zee whole world tells me I am a singer!". Then (multiple times), he turned to me and told me how hard his life was in this house.

And then there was chocolate cake, mmm. I love silly days!

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