Saturday, March 31, 2012

Boat Tour and Versailles

The combination of having a good friend in town and the weather being nice is a really good excuse to get out and do things! On Thursday, Allison and I took a cruise on the Seine. It's the same tour I did with my family in December, but this was even nicer because it was during the day and the weather was nice enough that we could sit on the top of the boat.

You can't tell I'm sitting on a boat but I am! It was really nice. 

And today we took a day trip to Versailles. Versailles is really easy to get to from Clamart because it's on the same train line, and a ticket each way is only 1.75! And of course my ticket to the Chateau was free too, since I have a visa. It was nice and not crowded at all. As inexpensive as everything else was, tickets to the garden were unfortunately not free, however, but I think they were worth the price to get in because I secretly like them more than the palace itself. 

We picnicked and drank hot chocolate and walked pretty far, though not to the Petit or Grand Trianons because our feet were absolutely killing us from all of our previous sight-seeing this week. 

Also, did you know that the have PONY RIDES at Versailles?? Because they do. Next time. Also, they have row boats, which I also like. 

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