Saturday, March 3, 2012

Chai Tea Lattes & The Louvre

Sarah and I celebrated the last weekend of February vacation by going to the Louvre today. Even though we came to the joint conclusion that we're tired of old stuff, we somehow ended up trapped in the Egyptian section...and couldn't find a way out until we had pretty much seen the ENTIRE Egyptian collection. And then, after deciding that we were definitely NOT going anywhere near the Ancient Greek stuff...that's exactly where we ended up, sigh. But we saw some other cool things too.

And then we got excellent chai tea in the Marais (I don't drink chai tea a lot, but I loooove it), along with a tarte tatin, which I tried for the first time and definitely plan on making when I get home to the states, mmmm. I seriously can't stop thinking about how good this tart was, 8 hours later.

(feel free to google it for more appealing photos). 

Then, when I was walking home in Clamart, I walked by the boulangerie and heard two little girls call my name...the kids were apparently back! They were with Eric picking up a cake to take to their grandma's new apartment, and it was nice to run into them unexpectedly, especially since they're always a 10 on the 1 to 10 scale of cuteness on the days they get back from vacation. Eric had bought Lise the movie Avatar over break, so we watched it together when they got home (I, too, feel nicer on the days that they get back from vacation!).

And in other exciting news, I got into UCI's credential program! And with a small scholarship too, which is less than they gave me for undergrad, but still definitely appreciated :) I don't know where I'll end up going yet, but at least this means that I'll be going somewhere :)

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