Sunday, March 25, 2012


It's been REALLY warm in Paris over the last two days! And by really warm, I mean 70 degrees, uggh. I don't like it, but I did like getting to wear a dress with no tights today, so that was fun.

Liz left today (sad face), and Allison is here now! It was really fun walking around with them last night, because who ever thought that the three of us would be hanging out together in Paris? Among other things, we walked to the Louvre after dark when it was closed, and seeing the pyramid all lit up in the dark was really nice.

Today Allison and I and Mariene and her friend who's also visiting picnicked in Belleville, saw the new wall they put up around Oscar Wilde's tomb in Pere LaChaise, and went to Sacre Coeur. Then we got frozen margaritas on Rue Mouffetard (followed by more drinks), and then I had a Nutella Banana crepe for dinner. Successful day!!

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