Sunday, March 11, 2012

Good Weekend

I had the pleasantest of weekends this time around.

Yesterday after tutoring, Rachael and I met up and took a long bus ride to Velizy. It's just a mall that we wanted to go to because they recently opened a Forever 21, but I think we were both surprisingly excited to be in such an American setting. It just felt good. At first I was kind of annoyed at how much trouble it took to get there, but then I instantly rescinded that thought, because it's actually better that Paris keeps its shopping malls away from Paris. I love days where I don't have any time constraints, and it felt so good to go shopping, get lunch, etc, on our own pace. And it felt SO GOOD to go shopping with money I had saved because I've been so incredibly stingy over the past few weeks! Shopping definitely feels better when it's money that you've made (but thank you, parents, for the adorable and inexpensive bunny ring you bought me from H&M and the delicious latte that I got yesterday)!

Today was equally as lovely. Sarah and I went back to the Musee L'Orangerie, this time armed with paper and pens so that we could write down the names of artists we wanted to remember. Again, I felt inspired. Then we got chai tea at our chai tea place, and then falafels! Mi Va Mi, the place that Mariene introduced me to, had finally re-opened, so I got to have my favorite falafel again. Also, I went to a Jewish bakery and bought a hamentashen -- it had hazelnut filling, how French!

Then we met up with Lindsay and her boyfriend Damien, and together we all walked across the river to the 5th, where we got good coffee for a euro in a cafe off of Rue Mouffetard (the same cafe that all of us got coffee in on my aunt/uncle/cousin's last night here). Then we went to the River Bar, two minutes away, where we had cheap pints of Leffe and watched the France/England rugby match. Poor France, it was close, but they lost. They're were English people all over the metro afterwards, but I stayed away from them, because Eric is always warning me to "be careful of UK people".


I can't wait. 

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