Tuesday, January 31, 2012


It's been a good week for eating over here.

On Sunday, Sarah and Nathalie and her friend Finn (sp?) and I went to lunch at a wonderful place called Breakfast in America.

Me and Sarah. Lots of stripes. 

But before you scoff at me for eating American food whilst in Paris, you should know that both times I've been, there's been a loong line out the door full on French people, so I don't feel bad. And after eating dainty French breakfast food for so many months, sometimes a breakfast burrito is necessary. OMG, mmmm.

Then that night, my family busted out their raclette machine and we had raclette! It's like fondue, but different.

You have little trays that you melt your preferred cheese in, and then when they're all melted you pour it over your ham and potatoes (and cornichons, as Juliette does). DELICIOUS.

And last night, we made brownies! Also DELICIOUS. MMMMMMM. The tin is half empty already, whoops.

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