Monday, April 2, 2012


Can you believe that it's April already? I'm having a hard time doing so, because it was just September and I was just unpacking my suitcase and picking up my first rasberry tart of the year. So strange.

I walked Allison to the train station around 7AM this morning, and then after I took Lise to school I climbed back into bed and fell asleep and it felt AMAZING. It's been a busy week! In addition to everything else I posted about, let's see...

*Allison forced me to break out of my Greek kebob and Jewish falafel habits by eating a lot of Lebanese food over the last few days. It was all really good and I'm excited for this new phase of my Middle Eastern Food life.

*Yesterday, we went flea market CRAZY. We started at the food market by the Bastille (where we ate the pressed meat sandwiches in the above picture), in addition to buying a lot of olives. We were there towards the end, so the vendors were practically giving things away. Unfortunately, I didn't need four mangos for one euro, but we did buy a huge thing of strawberries (only a euro!)

*Later in the day, we trekked far up into the north of Paris for the famous Marche Aux Puces, where we didn't buy anything but still had the chance to enjoy seeing where really really really rich people go to furnish their estates with anything Regency-esque that they could possibly want. I assume that the scenes in Midnight in Paris at the flea market were filmed here.

*Also, before we even left Clamart the day was already a success for me, because there was a Vide Grenier going on near the train station (as in, hundreds of families setting up mini garage sales right next to each other on the street). I didn't have time to look around because I was supposed to meet Allison at the train station right after I finished tutoring, but in the 5 minutes that I did get to explore, I found the perfect patterned scarf that I had been searching for for 6 months. For a euro! Vide Greniers are definitely the greatest thing ever. 

Then at night after all of our window shopping (can you call it window shopping when there are no windows involved?), and after a stop by the Pont Alexander III to take some photos, we met up with Nathalie on Rue Mouffetard to try the Haloumi sandwiches from yet another Lebanese restaurant. I will probably be eating a lot of Lebanese food over my next three months here.

Also, completely unrelated to anything else in this post, this morning was extra exciting because when I came upstairs, Lise was sitting at the kitchen table, already having fed herself, and was reading a book. After she finished her cereal, she went up back into bed so that she could sit with Boule Boule and read some more. This was especially thrilling to me because most of the time, our mornings involve wrestling her away from the TV before school, with a lot of door slamming and silent treatments. We'll see how long this book holds her interest! Long, I hope. 

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