Sunday, April 15, 2012


Yesterday, Francelise (Lise's grandma) introduced me to Maarja, who's an au pair from Estonia who lives with a family a few houses away, and today we went to Antibes together. It was really cute, and it looked a lot like Napflion in Greece (best lunch ever: fries, diet coke, cafe creme, and mint and tiramasu gelato). We also walked, like, 6 miles during the day (much of it uphill) because we accidentally got off the bus too soon, but at least my legs feel great!

Also, Nice might as well be Italy, because it looks like Italy, there are gelato stands partout, and there's a big statue of Garibaldi in the Place Garibaldi. Also, and I'm not making this up, every single restaurant is a pizza restaurant.

Also, Lise's extended family is soooo nice (they keep telling me to act like it's my house), and Francelise even gave me a stack of brochures for sites to visit. Also, I get to speak a lot of French here (even though they all speak English), and it feels really good. I spent almost all of yesterday with Mailyse, Lise's 5-year-old cousin, because Lise and Anoa (who's 7) wanted to play by themselves. Of course, by the end of the night Lise was upset that Mailyse seemed to like me more than her, but I guess that's what happens when you ignore someone all day. I got a special hairdo from Mailyse (kind of. She was really excited to braid my hair, but she couldn't really do it that well, so my hair ended up half braided), and then we played in her fort for a while. Also, she's the most ticklish kid I've ever met in my whole life, so that's pretty much a built-in activity.

Also, I get to hear a lot of stories about when Anne was younger, which is fun. today Francelise was telling me about one time when her kids were little, they camped in a tent on the beach for a whole month (somewhere not in Nice), and washed their dishes in the ocean, etc. "Nous etions commes les Robinson."

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