Thursday, April 19, 2012

More Nice!

The Wifi connection here has been pretty on and off, so I've been checking my email on their computer, but French keyboards are arranged differently making it really hard to type, which is why I'm behind on my blogging (wifi is working right now, fingers crossed).

Tuesday was great, because I got to walk around the old town and explore a lot. It's a good thing that I had already eaten lunch because there are so many pizza places that I simply wouldn't have been able to choose one. I had enough trouble choosing where to get coffee, and I eventually ended up at a cafe who's tables I liked the most. It felt SO GOOD to sit and drink a 3.00 euro cafe creme and read OUTSIDE, surrounded by RED and ORANGE buildings. It was just all around a more pleasant atmosphere than Paris offers.

Afterwards, I walked the winding streets with no particular direction in mind, which also felt good. I walked into a lot of little churches, and they too were also nicer than most churches in Paris, because they were super ornate and golden and shiny inside. I also ended up on the beach at some point (at the Quai des Etats-Unis), where I sat down and smelled the ocean for the first time in forever and looked at my map.

Nice is pretty great. I can definitely see myself coming back and spending longer here. I don't think it's a busy enough place for me to want to live in for 10 months, but I imagine that it's great place to study abroad.

Yesterday, Maarja and I went out at night, and I was able to meet up with my American friend Carmen (who is currently living in Bordeaux again) and three of her friends who are also in town visiting, so that was fun. We got drinks and then crepes (go figure).

This morning, Jean took me and Lise to the Parc Phoenix (or whatever it's called), which is a mini zoo with a lot of plants in Nice. I freaked out when I saw the baby wallaby. Have you ever seen one? You'd freak out too, they're too cute. Lise was completely enamored with the baby ducks. We decided to ask Anne if we can get a pet duck when we get home. They also had a whole Western-themed habitat for about a million guinea pigs (???), and a creek with about 100 red-eared sliders just hanging out (photos when  get back to Paris). At one point, Lise took my camera and started taking (blurry) photos of E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G to be surprises for me, but since they were supposed to be surprises, I wasn't allowed to look at her or what she was doing, which was hard since most of the time she was walking right in front of me. We found some cool birds that were like ostriches but not exactly ostriches, and I wanted to take a picture of her with them, but she was too afraid that they would attack her while I was taking the picture, even if she was standing 5 feet away from their cage, which I thought was funny. I haven't looked at the photos she took yet, I'm sure they'll be exciting.

Jean and Franclise have been making me eat and drink a lot. It's starting to be a problem.

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