Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Turning Point?

So, I'm really ready to come home. Nothing bad happened and everything's still great -- Paris is more beautiful than ever, host parents are still cool, kids have been EXTRA SUPER ADORABLE WITH NO PROBLEMS for a long time, my friends are wonderful, I'm finally feeling actually comfortable living in someone else's home -- but I'm just ready. Before, having 8 months left of my time here wasn't enough, and now July seems very far away.

I don't know why, and I'm not unhappy here at all. I think it's just that Paris has lost its luster for me. One of my concerns about moving here for so long was that I wouldn't get to see a lot of my UCI friends who had their senior years left, etc (if you love you alma mater as I do, it's hard to know that for an entire school year, you won't have the option of setting foot on campus and slowly weaning yourself off of college life instead of ending that phase of your life all at once). I know that I will without a doubt stay in touch with my good friends...but once everyone has graduated, I was worried that I wouldn't have the opportunity to run into people who I still cared about but who I wasn't as close to. Thankfully, as soon as I stepped foot on French soil, I totally forget about those concerns because France successfully distracted me with how much fun it is. Now, however, I remember what it distracted me from, and I think that's contributing to feeling anxious about going home.

I don't wish I was coming home earlier, and I have lots of things that I'm looking forward to doing here before July 13th. But I'm not nearly as excited as I was when I leave the house in the morning as I used to be. Also, I'm really looking forward to bagels and cream cheese and good coffee.


  1. Your Dad is ready for you to come home too!

  2. This is Julie your coolest cousin and I get to see you :) Un June! I'm so exited! Uncle George I get to see Amelia first . . . TAKE THAT! : D