Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I really love starting my days in the city early, because then I can come home and eat lunch and still have time to relax before the kids come home. Today I met Mariene in the city around 11, and we went to the free Doisneau exhibit at Hotel de Ville. He took a lot of interesting photos of the former market at Les Halles before it was demolished, and it was a good exhibit because I like seeing photos and paintings of places that I spend a lot of time in.

Then we went to the huge Monoprix at Montparnasse, and then I went home and ate and slept! Success. I really want to make salads to eat, but I priced it out and it's just not worth it. Spinach is the one cheap part, but then that's also the part that goes bad, so that doesn't really help. I bought a jar of olives today for 1.20, which is good, except that I couldn't find black or Greek olives without pits, so I had to settle for green ones.

Dried cranberries are horrendously expensive, and so are walnuts and sun-dried tomatoes, so there's really no point in buying salad ingredients, because the amounts of these things are enough for about two meals, which means that I could eat out for cheaper. Errrrr France. I'm going to make up for the lack of salads in my life now by eating only salads when I get home.

About a month ago, I decided that I wanted to enjoy living in France, and that included eating better real food out occasionally, instead of the cheap kebobs and falafels that I usually just settle for. However, I decided this week that I don't really care about food, because I'd rather spend my money on things (things being clothes).

Also, I'm in the process of starting a new general blog! Stay tuned....

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