Sunday, April 8, 2012


Yesterday, Rachael and I took a day trip an hour outside the city to visit Chartres and its cathedral!

Basically, Chartres is pretty much the cutest little French town ever.


It was a nice day. We even found a small "zoo" in the nearby park and squealed over how cute the birds, goats and pigs were. The Cathedral was obviously nice too, and Rachael and I enjoyed eating our picnic lunches on the steps of it. We didn't really love our audio tour though. First of all, a chunk of the cathedral is under construction on the inside, so we missed out that that part of the tour (had I been in America, I totally would have asked for my money back, but I knew that if I tried that here I would have only received blank stares). Also, while I did learn a lot about the religious imagery on the outside and in the very nice stained glass windows, the narrator did not define one word that she used. As in, most of the audio tour involved her saying, "Now look right to the ahbdyug3e, under the qgdjh7h, and you'll see the hjhwgduy which was replaced in the 13th Century." But there were lots of nice statues at least. And I liked the labyrinth. 

Chartres was such a nice break from the hustle and bustle of Paris. Also, because it was Easter weekend, the town was empty, which added to how cute it was. YAY FOR SLEEPY FRENCH TOWNS AND DAY TRIPS.

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