Sunday, April 15, 2012


Lise and I arrived yesterday morning, and so far it's been really fun. It was raining most of yesterday so we stayed in, but Lise's grandparents had just given her a set of (kids') horse brushes for her future imaginary horse, which meant that I got a free hair brushing out of it!

Also, when we arrived at their house, we were met by Clipper, the Largest Dog In The World. He's a Bernese Mountain dog. Lucky for him he's pretty adorable, or else I would have minded more when we discovered that he had snuck into my room and eaten half of one of my ballet flats. I found it funny that Lise's grandma was using the same words to him as French parents use to their kids: "Soyez sage! Doucement! Soyez calme!"

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