Saturday, May 19, 2012

Friday Night

Last night was really fun. The two UCSD AEPhis that I know go to Chabad's Shabbat on the Champs Elysees sometimes, so yesterday Andrea and I decided to go with them, and I had an amazing time (we skipped the services). I've been to a lot of shabbats over the past few years and I never really enjoyed them, but this one was great because a lot of the people present were traveling from out of town, so there were people from Dallas and Sydney and Colombia and Israel. Everyone was really nice, and we got to speak a lot of French too (though the default language of the night was English). One of the Israeli women sitting across from me interrupted me at one point while I was talking to a French woman, and went, "Wait -- you're American? When I heard your French I thought you were French!" which isn't saying much because she herself didn't speak a work of French, but it was a compliment nonetheless. And the best part of last night was that we met two girls from American University in DC, who both know one of my friends from UCI (they met in Israel, go figure), and one of whom was also an AEPhi, how cool!

The food was amazing too. I forgot how good salmon can be. And for dessert, they served non-dairy eclairs and religieuses (welcome to Jewish France!). Also, at one point the rabbi walked around and personally gave every one a shot glass full of vodka. Don't ask.

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