Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sorority Meet Up

Running into Andrea and Charlotte by chance a few weeks ago inspired us to look for other AEPhis in Paris, and with some help from the National office and a few other people, we ended up finding a bunch of us who who are studying abroad here or working elsewhere in France. Today we ended up all meeting up, and it was really fun to spend time with other AEPhis from Stanford, UCSD and Minnesota.

At one point we ended up talking about horrible things our parents did to us when we were younger, and Charlotte probably had the best story. Apparently during one family vacation in Switzerland, her dad put her and her older sister on a train and told them he would be right back, because he was just going to leave for a second and help their mom with some luggage. But of course the train doors closed and started to chug along before their parents got back, leaving 8-year-old Charlotte and her 11-year-old sister alone and on their way to some other city in Switzerland, with their dad's passport, but without their dad. Turns out that he had put them on the wrong train, which left just two minutes before the right one. So their parents had to get on the right train, except that theirs was direct and Charlotte's had a few stops on the way to where they were going (they ended up all reuniting at the correct stop, an hour later). Andrea's was about how sometimes her parents would go see a movie at the movie theater, while Andrea and her sister saw a kids' movie that played at the same time. But one time she and her sister were waiting for hours for their parents after their movie had finished, because apparently their parents had completely forgotten that the girls were also at the movies, and had just gone home. I didn't really have anything that interesting to share, except for the one time that my dad starting driving away while I was only half-way in the car (Hi Dad! I know you're reading this!). But that wasn't nearly as traumatizing as I imagine accidentally taking the wrong train alone in Switzerland as an 8-year-old would have been :)

Also, I discovered the ice creams of ice creams today (the Parisian version, anyway). Nutella ice cream, surrounded by Speculoos ice cream. Shaped like a flower. OH MY GOD. 

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