Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Today was a Better Day (OBVIOUSLY)

After the negative events of yesterday afternoon, the rest of the day and today were rather pleasant. Here are the highlights:

*Going ladybug hunting in the backyard with Lise and her neighbor, who is 7 and is also named Lise (henceforth known as Lise 2). We weren't able to see high enough into the pushes, so I had Lise on my shoulders as we looked (Lise spends a lot of time on my shoulders or on my back, like a koala), and it was nice outside. We ended up finding a lot of them, but because our makeshift cage wasn't very good, we only ever had two of them in our possession at a time. I even found a black one with red spots!

*Lise 2 singing Lana Del Rey's song Video Games. Except that Lise 2 doesn't speak any English, so she was just making up sounds and substituting them for words without realizing it. So cute.

*Helping Juliette studying for her Latin test which was this morning. I end up doing this a lot, because she normally doesn't start studying until the night before which means she needs a lot of help. I now know way more French to Latin translations than I will probably ever need. Ever.

*Coffee in Montmartre this morning.  Rachael and I wanted to celebrate our upcoming 8-month anniversary of arriving in France, so we found a cafe near Abbesses that ended up being perfect. They served our coffee in absolutely ridiculously sized bowls! When we left, it started pourrrrring rain, but it was too windy to take out my umbrella and we were close to the metro anyway, so we walked down a cute little street while my St. Cristin pastry got soaked, but I still ate it anyway and it was delicious.

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