Monday, May 21, 2012

Pouring Rain

Literally, cats & dogs today! My umbrella is totally shot...but I'm still holding onto it, because if I didn't bring its mangled self back home with me from the city today, I wasn't going to have anything to cover myself with the next time I go out! It's definitely a health risk. Anyone in a 5 foot radius of me is likely to lose an eye.

Today was a good day though. I met with with Maarja and her friend who is also in from Estonia and we had lunch in the Latin Quarter. When I got home and picked Lise up from school, Lise was suddenly very interested in the snails in the neighborhood, so she picked up four of them to be her pets. She was about 10 seconds ahead of me into the house because I was behind her closing the gate, etc, and when I walked into the kitchen, Lise was no where in sight, but her four new snails were mysteriously crawling around on the kitchen counter, hmmmm (apparently she didn't get the memo about putting them in tupperware).

Tonight we made cupcakes, and we all ate too many, mmmm.

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