Sunday, May 20, 2012

Saturday & Sunday

It's been a good but exhausting weekend. I slept until NOON this morning, which I have never done in my entire life, which made me feel justified for feeling so tired all day yesterday.

During the day, I picked up Maarja from Gare de Lyon. She's my Estonian friend from Nice, and she had never been to Paris before so it was fun to show her around a little (we went straight to falafels and vintage shopping in the Marais).

Saturday night was the European Night of Museums, where museums all over the continent are free and open until 12 or 1AM with special events going on. Jackie and I met up with my friend Linn Marie and some other friends and went to the Musee Jean Moulin, and the afterwards I met up with Lewis at Invalides.

New friend.

We went to a concert of Napoleonic era music. 

Afterwards, we walked all the way up to Trocadero. I'd never been on that route before after dark, and it didn't feel like Paris. It was deserted, and I might have well as been in a nice part of Los Angeles. We walked over the river and ended up at the Pont d'Alma, which is where the replica of the Statue of Liberty's flame is (lots of people think it's a memorial for Diana because her car crashed in the tunnel underneath, though it isn't. However, the concrete nearby is filled with graffiti in honor of her).

And this morning Sarah and I had breakfast (lunch? It was 3PM afterall) at Pain Quotidien in St. Germain. Yay for more cafe in bowls!

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