Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Off

Neither Sarah nor I had work today, so we ended up getting Chinese food for lunch, because last week I had walked by a Chinese buffet that was cheap and the food in the window actually looked good for a change (there's a lot of Chinese food here but it's different than Chinese food at home). It ended up being really satisfying and it tasted good, but as we piled our first plates FULL of food, we realized that everything was definitely cold. Then Sarah realized that THAT'S what the microwaves nearby were for. It was still delicious, but I knew there had to be some catch!

Afterwards, we went to the Swedish Cultural Center in the Marais to have coffee at the cafe there. 2 euros for really strong, refillable coffee! (the cafe itself was white and airy and open, and everyone who worked there was blonde).

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